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Automatic Power Factor Capacitor Control Panels

We plan and produce Low Voltage, Medium Voltage and High strain Power Factor and Power Quality Solutions (Indoor and Outdoor Capacitor Panels and so on.) according to client necessities.

LV Capacitor Panel

The LV PFC system can be offered with contactor based / Thyristor based (Please refer our product Thyristor Switch Module for further details). We customize the products and design as per the study conducted by us or by others as per recommendations.

Why Capacitor Panel?

  • Losses Reduce (I²r)

  • Demand Reduction.

  • Power Factor Penalty will be avoided.

  • Typically the power factor improvement will have a Return of Investment (ROI) of 9 months to 11 months. If Bonus or kVAh metering is adopted by EB and then the ROI will be around 2 to 3 months.

The withdrawable Carriage normally carries a Vacuum Circuit Breaker. The Circuit Breaker is vertically raised/lowered to engage/dis-engage with the main busbars. The unit can be placed in either the FRONT BUSBAR or the REAR BUSBAR position. The Carriage is horizontally drawn-out or rolled-into the compartment.

MV Capacitor Panel

We additionally have MV PF adjustment frameworks with: Fully encased answer for indoor application and Pole mounted compose for open air arrangement with all the required adornments.


The comprehensive range of Thyristor Switch Module manufactured by us are suitable for switching capacitors, eliminating inrush current and for fast power factor compensation. We offer the Thyristor Switch Module with compact size & easy installation.

Why use Thyristor Switch Module?

Traditional PFC frameworks comprise of a Power factor controller and an arrangement of energy capacitors for control factor redress that are associated with the net by Electromechanical Contactors. The response time between the specific exchanging is in the scope of > 60sec because of release time of capacitors and hence impacts the reaction time of the whole board.

  • Thyristor Switching offers rapid power factor redress to repay the receptive energy of any heap or hardware requiring P.F. revision inside a brief span (inside 2 cycles i.e. 40mili secs).

  • Thyristor exchanging permits unending number of exchanging tasks on the grounds that there is no contactor exchanging.

  • High inrush streams being one of the significant issues while exchanging shunt capacitors with regular contactors, these are disposed of with Thyristor changes because of ZERO CROSSING SWITCHING. Here, the capacitors are associated amid zero intersection of the sinusoidal wave and thusly no inrush streams are caused.

Where Thyristor Switching Is Required?

Any kind of fast fluctuating load requires APFC Panel using Thyristor Switch, refer below for some of the examples where Thyristor Switch Modules are necessary.*

  • Welding/ Spot welding equipment.

  • Presses

  • Cranes

  • Lifts

  • Wind Turbine Generators

Following are the features of Thyristor Switch Module:

  • Easy installation: Installation is identical to contractor.

  • Due to “full wave switching” no harmonics are generated.

  • Very fast reaction time: <7 milliseconds.

  • Manual Operation is possible.

  • Compact and modern design.