Cable Trays

Cable Trays

In the electrical wiring of buildings, a Cable Tray System is used to support insulated electrical cables used for power distribution, control, and communication.

Perforated Forated Cable Trays

These plate are created from M.S sheets or PreGalvanized sheets. Punctured is done on the highest point of the plate, for ventilation and to tie the links. different widths are accessible in standard lengths. The crude materials are secured from the presumed and approved steel plants like JSW,POSCO,TATA and ESSAR steels., giving the most noteworthy need in completing and smoothness of link plate finding out the wellbeing of the links keep running on it. PreGalvanized plate are straight away utilized after creation ,No completing is done on it . Ms plate are treated with lacquer paint or powder covered painting or hot plunge arousing.


Perforated Straight Channel, Perforated Inward Bend (IB) Straight, Perforated Tray Covers, Perforated Inward Bend With Reinforcement Inclined.

Ladder Cable Trays

Step kind of link plate are utilized for conveying overwhelming obligation links, This might be practical to punctured link plate with alluring highlights. The stacking limit is more , the quality of the link plate can be tuned according to necessities. As punctured plate step plate likewise are created from M.S sheets with various completing and PreGalvanized sheets for coordinate and prompt establishment. The best favorable position of stepping stool compose link plate are that dampness can't gather on them.


 Ladder Straight Cable Trays, Ladder Trays Powder Coated, Ladder Hot Dip Trays, Ladder Bolted Type.

Raceway Or Solid Bottom

Raceway trays are closed one with cover without any perforation. The sizes can be customized as per requirements of customer. Inner partition can be done in these trays. The sizes ranges from 150mm to 1200mm in width and standard lengths will be 2.5meters. These trays are used to run delicate and soft Cables fully covered and safe guarded.

Bends & Accessories

We supply all customized accessories along with the cable trays as per designing provided by site engineers. The bends normally used are horizontal bends, vertical bends four way and three way bends , raiser and reducer. As per the drawings approved by Project teams , these accessories are fabricated with highest precision .

Supporting C Channels

C channels are used to support cable trays hanged with three rods. The normal thickness of C channel are 1.6mm,2.0mm,2.5mm and the standard lengths will be 2.5meter.

Earthing Strips

Earthing is the safety process of every electrical installations. We do manufacture hot dip Galvanized earthing strips of various sizes and thickness.