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Double Bus bar Panels

We offer a wide range of double bus bar power distribution panel, which are available in different specifications and dimensions. These find application in diverse Industries and can also be customized to meet the exact application requirement of the customers. The distribution panel facilitates main incomer of electric board & generator with bus coupler enabling all the outgoing feeders can be run either on Electric Board Supply or Generator Supply and all so interlock is provided to avoid any clash between Electric Board Supply & Generator Supply. These are widely used in various industrial and building applications.

LMVP 12kV double busbar panel

The fixed metal-clad Enclosure comprises:

  • A Control Cubicle in which the low voltage relays and instruments are fitted.

  • Two busbar chambers segregated from each other and running the length of the switchboard. Each chamber supports one three-phase set of insulated high conductivity Copper busbars.

  • A Current Transformer chamber from where the Measurement and Protection devices get their inputs.

  • A Cable Box from which Power Cables are connected to the Transformer in the case of Incomers and Loads in the case of Feeders.

  • A Voltage Transformer and its Housing may be incorporated so as to engage with the Circuit (Cable) or Busbars.

  • A Circuit Breaker chamber into which the withdrawable part engages.

The withdrawable Carriage normally carries a Vacuum Circuit Breaker. The Circuit Breaker is vertically raised/lowered to engage/dis-engage with the main busbars. The unit can be placed in either the FRONT BUSBAR or the REAR BUSBAR position. The Carriage is horizontally drawn-out or rolled-into the compartment.